SUMMER GUIDE: Go On A Hike As A Family

Over here at max + moose, we collaborate with some of our favorite mamas to create a Summer Guide for a memorable summer with you + your littles. Each week we will have one of the mamas share their idea with you! This week we have the amazing Mary Salas sharing her idea with you; Go on a Hike as a Family! 

This Summer we wanted to be more intentional about how we spent our time. With my husband's sporadic work schedule, we really wanted to be sure that we made the most of our time together. We made our way out of the house more this summer than ever, and it's been a total blast! I honestly can't believe it's already almost over. We had several things on our list for this year's summer, but one big one was to hike together as a family... and we did! Several times.
We live in the forest and are literally surrounded by wooded trails and mountains and hills. It's beautiful. Honestly, I'm blown away every time we come home. It's a total dream!
One weekend, we were headed home from a road trip to visit family, when we decided to pull off and climb Mount Rainier! Just kidding. We have two toddlers but we did manage to pull over and hike the kind of hike a three year old and almost two year old can do without being held... and it was gorgeous. We did have a stunning view of the mountain (these pictures honestly do it no justice!), and we made some incredibly sweet memories while doing so. We splashed in a creek. We stripped down and were completely unprepared but it was the best time. It also concluded that we want to go camping in that same spot next summer, so truly it was a wonderful memory that will only bloom into even more.
It's always so fun when you choose to be spontaneous, getting out of your comfort zone and really exploring new adventures. I think we can choose to be intentional about being more spontaneous... at least I can! We are so glad we could cross another thing off our Summer intentions list. It was absolutely one of the sweetest moments this season! 

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