At Max and Moose, we know there’s nothing quite as precious as a sweet, sleeping baby. Their soft, warm breath, the rise and fall of their tiny chests, the peace of their quiet slumber. Perhaps best of all, a sleeping babe brings a much needed moment of rest for you. The ever-loving, sleep-deprived mama. 

Founded with the goal of helping you and your babe sleeping soundly, Max and Moose created a supremely soft, sustainably-made, natural swaddle that stays.

We believe our swaddles help calm the newborn reflexes, diminish startled wakeups, keep baby comfortable, and most importantly stay wrapped, so you and baby can stay asleep. 

 About Alyssa:

Alyssa created the first Max and Moose blanket shortly after the birth of her firstborn, Max. She wanted to find a multi-purpose baby blanket that was super soft, slightly stretchy, durable enough to withstand many washings, and most importantly, would stay put!

After re-wrapping the swaddle several times in the night with her firstborn, struggling with flimsy nursing covers, and dealing with scratchy blankets, Alyssa wasn’t satisfied with the baby blanket options.

One day, after rocking her baby to sleep, she was in her closet, hanging up the clean laundry, when her hand brushed across a super soft, olive green top. As she felt the fabric, she thought, “this would be perfect for a baby blanket! Soft, slightly stretchy, a durable weave, and a breathable feel.” Alyssa checked the tag on the shirt and read that it was made from 100% pima cotton.

With the help of  her master-seamstress mother, Brenda, and her own inspired mission, Alyssa + Brenda played around with many different blanket models, while Max snuggle-tested them for comfort.

After a lot of research, work, and inspiration, the perfect Max and Moose swaddle, sustainably made from the same cotton as Alyssa’s favorite shirt, become a reality. 

Our 100% pima cotton swaddles are breathable and warm, ultra-soft and durable, slightly stretchy and super snug, sustainably made and beautifully designed. And best of all, they will stay wrapped around your babe, and your heart.