Our swaddle blankets are made from 100% authentic pima cotton sourced from a sustainable farm in Peru. If you’re wondering is Pima cotton different from conventional cotton, the answer is yes! Pima Cotton is an exceptionally strong, long-lasting, organic material made from extra-long staple cotton fibers. Because of it’s high-quality fibers, pima cotton is smoother to touch, more gentle on sensitive skin, and has 50% longer life expectancy than conventional cotton. It’s a difference you and your baby can feel for years. 

Our swaddle blankets were created to keep baby snug, secure, and asleep. Designed without any spandex or rayon, Max and Moose swaddles can help babies regulate their body temperature while they snooze. Our swaddles are perfectly designed as a newborn swaddle that stays wrapped around your babe,but are also large (and durable) enough to transition with your baby from bassinet to crib, to big-kid bed. They are well-made and ready to be well-loved.

Soft to the touch, lightweight and breathable, and just enough stretch to stay wrapped, the Max and Moose swaddle gives your little one a sense of comfort and security like no other swaddle.  And they are machine washable (we know about those midnight diaper blow-outs!) No more stressing about wash wear, holes, or endless re-wrapping. Our swaddles can help reduce night wake-ups and maximize sleep, keeping you and your baby comfortable and rested. 

We believe in being environmentally-responsible, which is why we are picky about our materials and manufacturing partners. We only use natural, pure pima cotton grown on select farms in Peru. Everything from the farm to the fabric to the swaddles themselves are created in a sustainable, and eco-friendly manner. Each swaddle blanket is individually colored with water-based garment dyes before being carefully packaged in reusable cardboard, before coming to you and your babe.