Max + Moose's Guide to a Memorable Summer

Ah summer! Although summer may not officially begin until June 21st, the days are getting longer, the temperatures are rising, and I can almost feel the ice cream dripping down my hands. In my mind (and according to the awesome tan lines I’m already rocking) summer has begun!

Summer always brings a sense of excitement and anticipation. Every year I vow to make the most of my summer. I come up with lofty goals and dream up big ideas for all the grand adventures I’ll have. I often go so far as to write them out on a neat little list, complete with tiny boxes to check off (hello type A personality!). Even with these good intentions, the season somehow manages to pass by in the blink of an eye. Boxes go unchecked and feelings of wish I could have start to creep in. Talk about pressure! This summer, I’ve vowed to do things differently. This summer is all about slowing down and being intentional with those fleeting summer days. This summer is less about lofty goals and more about meaningful moments. It is less about grand adventures and more about simple pleasures. This summer is about what truly matters – togetherness, connection, and making memories with the people I love.

We hope you’ll join us in our quest for a slow, intentional, and memorable summer! To help, we enlisted a couple of our favorite mamas and small shop owners to help us compile a guide filled with fun, pressure-free ideas with a summer twist. This list, which we’ve titled “Max + Moose’s Guide to a Memorable Summer,” is bursting with creatively simple ways to help you make memories with your loved ones this season. The guide contains twenty-four kid-centered activities designed to foster connection and bring families together. From simple trips to homemade crafts to backyard activities, we hope our list will inspire you to enjoy the simple moments that summer has to offer!

You can print your FREE copy of our “Guide to a Memorable Summer” here. Throughout the summer we will be featuring eight of the activities and the families behind them right here on our blog, so stay tuned! We would LOVE for you to join in on the fun as well! Print your list, choose a couple of your favorite activities, and make those memories! If you choose to document and share your fun via Instagram, we’d love for you to tag us (@max_and_moose) and use our hashtag #mandmmemorablesummer so we can enjoy those sweet moments alongside you.  

We hope you have as much fun using our Guide to a Memorable Summer as we did putting it together. While there may be little we can do to slow down those brief summer months, we CAN choose to pause and savor the moments within it. Our guide is merely that, a guide. It is set of ideas or a jumping off point for a memorable summer with the people that matter to you! Whether you check one or all twenty-four items off, we hope our guide will inspire you to enjoy a slow and intentional summer this year!

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