SUMMER GUIDE: Make an Insect Journal

Over here at max + moose, we collaborate with some of our favorite mamas to create a Summer Guide for a memorable summer with you + your littles. Each week we will have one of the mamas share their idea with you! This week we have the amazing Rachel Chisholm of Adelisa & Co. sharing her idea with you; Make an Insect Journal
My kids didn’t always love bugs, but since it was always a fun part of my childhood I knew I had to try to get them interested.
I’ve spent time the past few summers bug hunting with them, encouraging them to pick them up without screaming and now they’re borderline obsessed!
This summer we started looking around our yard for whatever bugs we could find, investigating them, drawing them and learning how to spell their names. Max + Moose asked us to share a fun activity for their summer bucket list and this felt like the perfect one to share! It’s fun, free and educational! 

Step one:

Take your kids, go outside and find bugs! If you don’t have a yard head to a nearby park or wooded area where you could find some!

Step two:

Investigate the bugs you found and talk about the different things they observe (color, number of legs, count the spots, etc.)

Step three:

Have your child draw the bugs you found either in a notebook or on paper you can make a journal with.

Step four:

Learn how to spell the bugs name
P.S. You can make it easier for little kids by drawing the bug for them or printing out a picture off Google or Pinterest and just having them color it. And for my youngest daughter, I wrote out the bugs' names in dotted letters so she just had to trace them! 
By: Rachel Chisholm of Adelisa & Co.
Be sure to check out this adorable video of Rachel's children making their very own insect journal! 

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