4 Ways How max + moose is an Eco-Friendly Brand

With this week being Earth Day Week [does that even make sense?...], Im discussing 4 ways how max and moose is doing it’s part to help reduce our carbon footprint and being a more sustainable and eco-friendly brand.

You will not find any plastic in your packaging from max and moose. From the shipping box, tissue paper, and packaging box- it is all recyclable. I know one package doesn’t make a difference- but when we are sending hundreds of orders out- that adds up!

no plastic packaging

Im sure you are asking how having a high quality product helps with the environment? Right? Here’s how. max and moose uses some of the most durable cotton for our swaddles. we use 100% Pima Cotton, Because of it’s high-quality fibers, pima cotton is smoother to touch, more gentle on sensitive skin, and has 50% longer life expectancy than conventional cotton. Meaning either our swaddle grows with your baby [my almost 3 year old sleeps with hers EVERY night still!] or you hold on to it for your next baby. But it will still look brand new because of the quality.

max and moose baby

With the fashion industry being one of the major pollutant industries of the world; it was important to us that we were able to reduce as much as possible with our products. All of our fabric scraps are made into bibs for babies and families in need.

no fabric waste

max and moose Pima Cotton is a biodegradable material, which means it completely breaks down when put in to a composting pile or bin. It wont be another thing to the piles in the junk yard. Any 100% natural fiber is biodegradable!

biodegradable swaddle blankets

Knowledge is power + the more I learn the more adamant I am about making changes to our practices.  Im always trying to see where max and moose can make improvements. max and moose is striving to make the right choices for our brand and you.

Im so happy you stopped by!
Alyssa, xx

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