Our Summer Guide: Go on a Family Picnic

Over here at max + moose, we collaborate with some of our favorite mamas to create a Summer Guide for a memorable summer with you + your littles. Each week we will have one of the mamas share their idea with you! This week we have the adorable Katie Galto sharing her idea with you; Go on a Family Picnic. 
I’ll be the first to admit, I am sooo not a Summer girl. I am a Fall girl through and through. Give me all of the layers, brisk days and hot drinks. This summer though, I am determined to make it a good one. It’s our first summer with baby sister and I want to make sure that Olivia knows that even though Isobel will obviously require more work (and more patience), we can still have a very fun and memorable summer!
When I asked Olivia what one thing she wanted to do this summer, she was very quick to respond with “go on a picnic!” Isn’t it the biggest win when their request is so simple? 
Unfortunately, it's been unseasonably cold and rainy for the majority of June, but we were finally able to go on a picnic! I forgot just how fun and easy having a picnic really is. We decided to have it right in our backyard. Olivia and I are obsessed with our backyard and we try to spend as much time as possible out there.
I love that you can put a picnic together in a matter of minutes. Most of the time, you have the ingredients to a good picnic right in your home! A few must haves for a great picnic: good snacks, at least one sweet treat and fancy glasses for water.
Olivia was so excited to be able to walk Isobel through their first ever picnic together and all Isobel really cared about was getting as many apples into her mouth as humanly possible.
While I was sitting there, watching the girls play peekaboo (aka Olivia’s way of getting Isobel to laugh as much as possible), I couldn’t help but wonder if they would remember this day. This perfect family day (totally missing our Dada though). I wondered if they would remember the nice little breeze in the air, the birds chirping around us, the bugs leaving us alone for once and really just being together. Sure I have pictures to remember this beautifully mundane afternoon in June, but would they be able to pinpoint this moment in a few years? I really hope so.
Once we started to clean up, Olivia proclaimed that it was the best afternoon ever and that she was already dreaming of our next picnic together. I took that as a sign that she was definitely going to remember this day. 
And suddenly, I found myself dreaming of our next picnic together, too. 
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