Fourth-Trimester Series: The NICU Experience (Question 3)

September is NICU Awareness Month. This month was designed to honor the families experiencing a stay in the neonatal intensive care unit and the doctors, nurses, and medical professionals who care for them. We reached out to a couple of brave Max + Moose mamas and asked them five questions about their experience in the NICU. For the next five days, we will be sharing what they had to say. 

(Image: Casey Yost) 

What helped you get through those tough days?

Talking to the nurses. I spent around 14 hours a day in the NICU and having normal conversations with the nurses helped so much. The NICU is an isolating place— the patients and families aren’t there to socialize. It’s almost akin to being on an airplane in turbulence. As long as the nurses and doctors (much like pilots and flight attendants) aren’t concerned, it’s easier to keep your cool. (Casey Yost - @caseyfromaway

Family, friends and the NICU staff that became family. Celebrating milestones, no matter how small, played a big part in making it through 194 days in the NICU. (Jenny Saunders - @OurLifeAfterNICU)

(Image: Tori Casanova)

My husband - 100%. It was one of the hardest things we've ever had to go through, and ultimately, it made our relationship so much stronger because we had to go through it together. We also were surrounded by so much love and support from family + friends, other former NICU mamas (some of which of become some of my closest friends), and the absolutely incredible NICU staff we were lucky to have. (Tori Casanova - @toricasanova)

Hands down, my partner. His support, was everything. I was fresh out of a c-section but not once did he question my ability to handle going to and from our room to hers; which was quite the journey. I would only sleep for enough time to function, and he got up with me no matter what time is was. He pushed me in the wheelchair when I felt I needed it and encouraged me to rest when I felt too guilty to admit it. There wasn’t anything that could keep me from my baby girl and he recognized it with a level of love I’ll forever be grateful for. (Kamri Pitchford - @hellakidsinhere)

My support team- my husband, family and friends. They were always checking in- making sure everything was going well. (Alyssa Andrus - @max_and_moose)



QUESTION FOUR: What advice do you have for present + future NICU mamas about to experience?
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