Our Story


We are so happy to have you explore our store! We hope you stay a while + find a few things that you like.

max + moose has been around since 2014. We have gone through a few different versions of our swaddle blankets to get to where we are today. We've tried out different fabrics + styles until we have perfected our current one. This is our favorite version of our swaddle blanket + we know it will become your favorite in no time!

Max + Moose is committed to always bring you high quality blankets. 

Alyssa // Founder + Co-Owner

Alyssa is the founder + co-owner of max + moose. She has always wanted to have a baby company + the timing couldn't be better. She is a stay at home mom with a fun + energetic boy + a baby girl that tags along.

She is in charge of all forms of communication with you lovely mamas ( daddies , grandmas + friends as well!) If you have a question or follow us on social media, she is the one you are hearing from! She is also in charge of product development + anything business oriented.  

Brenda // Co-Owner

Brenda is the co-owner of max + moose. She is a family + consumer science teacher at a local high school during the day. She was looking for a fun adventure + hopped on board when her daughter, Alyssa pitched the idea. She started out sewing each one of our blankets until there were too many orders. She is also in charge of product development + project management.